Senior Sez

Games for Senior Citizens

 Created specifically to entertain seniors, these games bring back

memories, challenge minds, promote enthusiasm, and

 yield laughter and debate!



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The Original

Trivia Game

Trivia on a variety of   subjects, which promotes  fairness. For simplicity,

choose from just two

possible answers.

Two supplements are available.

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Take On the


A categories-style game.

   Includes "Just for Fun"

topics to stimulate

 thought and promote playful interaction.

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What's That


Players recall popular sayings through clue  words. Includes "Create Your Own" sayings to encourage fun and creativity.

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♦ No pens, paper or

   table required


♦ Scoring is done with

   colorful wristbands


♦ Stimulating and fun

 Simple and flexible games that are unique


♦ Appropriate for many

   levels of functioning


♦ Play the games one-

   on-one or in teams


♦ Play in the lounge,

   living room, or even

   on a bus trip



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